Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Too Long Down

The other family members recouped in less then a week. It has taken me three weeks to get well. In fact, I have not been that sick in a good 10 years. Part of that long convalescence was my own stubborness/fear. My doctor argued until she was on the verge of laryngitis, but I refused to go in the hospital. Her last words to me were, "Well, if you die at home I can console myself that you did it your way!" For a doctor she has a great sense of humor.

Anyway, I am up and moving again; although I am not so certain that I haven't received a modicum of brain damage from being forced to stay down so long. I had a telephone conversation this morning and when asked what my address was I couldn't remember the name of the street that I live on. I told the person that I was talking to it was because I had never addressed an envelope to myself (you know, kind of like 'I can't remember my phone number because I have never called myself'). He giggled a bit, but I noticed that his goodby ended with, "I hope you feel better soon". A very suspicious way to start the official first day of being 'non-sick'.

I am not a TV person. I am a book person. Those that know and love me called and said that they had a wonderful surprise for me. The surprise was a large shopping bag full of books to keep me company while I was using the machine that pumped medicine into my lungs. I read at least 20 of them and I have come to the conclusion that it was a conspiracy among my friends to clean their houses while appearing to have been worried about what poor Penny was going to do while being forced to stay down. I love my friends and I'm sure they love me, but it is obvious that they took advantage of me while I was ill. Those were some of the most unreadable books I have ever read. Only a sick person would have read them. That says a lot about me and the people that I hang around with. The only question I have now is, "What the hell am I going to do with a shopping bag full of books while I am waiting for one of my friends to get in a situation that calls for me to treat them to a shopping bag full of books?"

It's wonderful to be up and well with a computer that is up and well too. Now maybe we both can stay well long enough for me to get re-acquainted with my jounal friends. I wasn't able to get on the computer and read what is going on with all of my favorite people because the antibiotic she gave me made my eyes blurry, but then again it could have been all of those unreadable books that I found myself forced to read. At any rate, my eyes are no longer blurry, my breathing is back to normal, the books are back in their shopping bag, and I am looking forward to resuming my journal fun. It's great to be feeling great again.

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