Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gonna Be Around

I'm probably a day late with this but I had to give the situation with AOL some deep thought. I didn't want to make a rash decision. This is a summation of my feelings.

In the early 1980's when computers were new, to the company I worked for, I was considered to be an expert. I was the teacher, and the hand holder of those that were frightened to touch the keyboard. Then the doctor decided that I couldn't/shouldn't ever work again. That happened in December of 1988.

I didn't touch a computer again until 1998. The change in the science in those 10 years was astounding.

I no longer have any computer expertise. I am a newbie in knowledge and experience. When I need help with something I have to call on one of the teenagers that stream in and out of my house. They sit down with my keyboard and type so fast and furious that it causes smoke to come out of this old, tired machine.

I deal with a great deal of pain, a lack of sleep, a rear end that is expanding because it has to sit all day, and teenagers that stream in and out of my house. I love laughter, quiet, and harmony. A this time in my life I like it as smooth as possible.

John was a Political Journalist. He loves/sees/expects/looks forward to plots/twists/hidden agendas/conspiracies. He enjoys having a voice in a controversy, a debate, a summation and a good joke. John still likes life a bit bumpy.

We both have fulfilled our 'likes' here on AOL.

I love writing, I love my journal, and I love the J-land community. If I was at an earlier stage of my life I probably would be one of those that are out there shaking their fists at the way the powers that be handled this whole affair, but as of now I don't want to leave AOL. I am addicted to the easy way I have been able to live my life here.

The anger of the past few days has splintered our community and that makes me very sad. I hope and pray that the many people that I care so deeply about will eventually find their way back. If they don't, I will pack my bags and go visit them. But the neighborhood feels a bit lonely and abandoned. Let's hope it doesn't stay that way.

I can't speak for John. He likes a bit of a fray. He probably will have his hands in there for a piece of the action, but I would put money on it that he doesn't leave us for the duration.

At least I hope not. Who would bitch about the meatloaf?

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