Wednesday, October 29, 2008


This is John (BOSOXBLUE6993W).

In her last journal entry, Pennie claimed that something she wrote apparently offended someone close to her ... and that the resultant friction caused her such mental distress that in the interest of domestic tranquility she would henceforth suspend all further entries.

Well, in the interest of full disclosure...


Rest assured my untoward vituperation had absolutely NOTHING to do with Pennie or anything she wrote. That she interpreted my poorly timed and vulgarity-soaked outburst as resentment at her and/or something she wrote is totally untrue ... and I am grievously sorry about it.

Without getting swamped in too much detail, I have been in a sour and misanthropic mood in the last month or so. Alot of it has to do with the fact both my parents died within two months of each other last year during the Holiday Season. And currently I’m engaged in bitter and venal warfare with my brother over their Estate. The entire situation has filled me with a dire and seething depression.

So when Pennie, as she often does, asked me to read and proof her last entry before posting it, I verbally hauled off on her, launching into a merciless and unjustifiable screed.

She was profoundly stunned and hurt ... this good-hearted, intelligent and gentle woman.

Now I feel like shit on toast.

All I can do, in the final analysis, is to beg her forgiveness and plead with her to continue her journal.

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