Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"The Joy is Back in Mudville"

I have a lot of respect for John. It took a great deal of courage to go on the computer and admit that he was the reason that I decided to stop writing. And it takes a lot of courage to scoot around the house on his knees begging me to resume what he started in the first place. I wrote because he opened the door to a wonderful place called J-Land, I quit because I didn’t want to cause hurt to him with my words and sense of humor.

It’s not a matter of forgiving him, it's a matter of understanding him.

So tomorrow we will put this behind us and ’birdbrain’ and I will continue laughing at and with one another. I’m so glad to be blogging again. It’s lonely out here without all of you.

Love, Pennie

P.S. For those that have asked, John erased his journal because he wants to start a new one. The new one will be more in line with his bitches, rants, moans, groans, loves, laughs and everyday life. The unexpected situation with his beloved brother has tampered a great deal of his daily smile. He found it almost impossible to be funny every day, but felt that was what was expected. He's a wonderful writer. I think we have something to look forward to.

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