Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I typed five paragraphs explaining why it has been so long since I have written an entry. THEN ...... AOL, My Computer, or the Fates decided that you didn't need to read all those words and mysteriously flashed a light across my screen and disappeared with my words. I have no idea what happened to my paragraphs, but I do know that I don't have the energy to re-type all that again. I'm sorry about that, actually I'm really angry about that. My energy and ability are limited and whatever it was that decided to delete my words to you was really a nasty happenstance.

My energy is non-existent. The three months I was hospitalized I didn't receive any of my thyroid medicine. That all came to light when I took my overwhelming exhaustion to my primary physician and she took a blood sample. I'll feel much better when the thyroid medicine starts working ... 6-8 weeks after starting it again. That should be sometime this month.

I also have a neck that hurts some days so badly that I can't handle sitting at the computer trying to focus on the screen. Heaven knows if that will ever get any better. The neurologist said that he had to remove a bone in my neck to repair the rupture in my brain. I had already had one disc removed from my neck. Maybe the pain is all wrapped around the bones that have been removed. Mind you I'm not bitchin. I'm alive and I can still move and think. I don't have a legitimate reason to bitch, but it makes sitting at the computer a bit difficult. As soon as my Synthroid kicks in I'll have my energy back. And then I'll be able spend time here at the computer writing and visiting.

Please forgive my absence. It wont be much longer.


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