Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Beauty, Tags, and Kicking the Dog

It has rained here in the land of eternal sunshine. Our ground isn't used to having a fast and heavy influx of water falling on it so it is wet and soggy outside, but I love it. If I weren't restricted to this chair with wheels I would be outside walking and playing in mud puddles. I have to amuse myself watching the few children, that have convinced their parents to let them out of the house, romp through the wet grass and splash in the gathered water. I love the sound of children laughing. Even if I have to be denied playing in mud puddles I can still get vicarious pleasure watching those that haven't been.

I want to give thanks to two very special ladies, Donna of D's Designs , and Shelly of XX Roxy Mama XX . These two women create beautiful graphics and put them in their journals to share with us. If you are impressed with what they have created they invite you to freely take it. Their artwork made my Holiday entries beautiful and full of the spirit of the season. They are so talented and giving. I want to tell them both how very much I appreciate the time and effort they put into the beauty they create for us to freely take and use to brighten the words that we share with one another.

And now for Jeff of Jeff's addition to your boring day . All over Journal Land people were being tagged. It was like a wild fire in a Southern California dry summer. Everywhere I went I found "I've been tagged!"

But I was tag ignored. It was New Years Day and I was breathing easy ... I had made it through the holidays. I had escaped without having to tell you '5 Weird Things About Myself'. Then last night I went to visit Jeff to see if he had enjoyed his New Years Eve and there it was! Theword 'tag' and 'A Pennies Worth' all in the same breath.

So Jeff this is for you:

5 Weird Things About Myself

1. I live with John

2. Even though I don't eat meat I will be making meatloaf every day. (Unless John apologizes for that last blonde entry.)

3. I love teenagers.

4. I don't watch television, unless there is a favorite black and white movie showing.

5. I'm addicted to crossword puzzles.

There it is, my very first response to a 'tag'. Now, I am officially part of the tag response team.

I'm outta here friends. I have to emotionally prepare myself for a very difficult few days. I have appointments with doctors and surgeons. Removing my gallbladder will be the 34th time that I have had to submit to a surgeon and his cohorts. I am not a very happy camper at the moment. They haven't set the actual date for the procedure, but I'm assuming that this visit will be when they set it all in motion.

I think I'm gonna go kick John. I don't want to kick my sweet dog!

Better yet I think I'll go visit this beautiful place that Donna made for me. Maybe I'll find the strength I need.

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