Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Witches Tale

She was three years old and her favorite activity was packing and unpacking the toys in her room. She would work for hours getting the most in the least space. And she was great at it! I have never seen anyone stuff so much in so little. You should have seen what she could do when we went grocery shopping. She could put a month’s worth of groceries in one basket.

The point I’m making here is that my little granddaughter was methodical. She put great thought and energy into what she decided to claim as her own. It took her a full month to decide what costume she wanted to wear that Halloween. After much deliberate thought she announced that the choice was between a beautiful fairy or a scary witch.

Her brother was going to be dressed as Dracula so she decided to go with the flow and be a witch. They would be scary together. That fit well into her little tightly packed world.

I told her I could combine the two and make her a ’beautiful’ scary witch. Once again that was exactly what she wanted. We worked all week getting the costume made just right. The black flowing dress, the black peaked hat, the long black hair, and the broom with the black ribbon for her to carry. She worked right along with me giving each piece her approval as it was finished.

Halloween evening she was so excited. She stood proudly as I dressed her in the pieces that she had lovingly guarded.

After I put the hair and the hat on her she asked if she could have some makeup like her big brother had had put on his face.

“But you want to be a beautiful witch, don’t you?”

“Yes, put beautiful makeup on me.”

So I did. I put some eye shadow and lipstick on her. She turned to her brother and asked him if she was scary. Naturally, he scoffed as big brothers are apt do. After all, he was supposed to be the ’really’ scary one.

I told her she could see for herself what she looked like, and I went and got the biggest mirror I could find. I held the mirror in front of her so she could get the complete feel of her costume. And she took one look into the mirror and let out a SCREAM!!!!! so loud that her brother jumped three feet into the air. As she screamed she got down on the floor and scooted, as fast as her panic would allow, under the chair that I was sitting on. Then she put a death grip on each of my legs. Between the screams she would yell, “Make her go away! Make her go away! Pennie, make her go away!”

No matter how hard I tried to explain that the “her” she was afraid of was HER she couldn‘t be convinced. That was not the way that 'she' looked.

I couldn’t take much more of the screaming! The neighbors were going to think I was beating her if it didn’t stop soon. So I yelled, “Go away witch! Go away and leave my Anna alone!” And then I opened my legs just enough for her to peek into the room. Suddenly, the screaming stopped and she slowly and cautiously made her way out from under the chair. She let me dry her tears and thanked me profusely. Then she calmly grabbed her sack, and went outside to go trick or treating with her friends.

She kept her eyes out for small witches just in case the witch decided to come back. Of course, the witch never did. I had gathered every mirror in the house and hidden them.


Now for the really ‘SCARY’ part of my entry. As many of you have noticed, Bosox of DATING TIPS FOR PSYCHOPATHS is loath to put a picture of himself in the ‘About Me’ section of his journal. I have threatened him, once or twice, with picture exposure if he continued with whatever odious task he had undertaken at that particular moment, and it scared him so much that he cleaned up his act for an entry or two.

But a week or so ago one of my readers sent me a forward. In that forward they had attached a picture of John. I have no idea how they got the picture. I don’t know if they even knew that John had posed for such a picture. John, for his part, believes he has burned, and/or erased all likenesses that are known to exist of the Bosox being. But tomorrow is Halloween and I need something scary to put in this entry so here goes ..... this, my dear friends, is the only existing picture of John AKA Bosox.

Come on people if you had to live with this wouldn't you find it SCARY?

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