Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Life Then - The 50's, Part 2

I was a straight 'A' student. I had to be! I missed an average of 3 months school every year and the only way to make up all the missed work was to hit the books hard. I also was terrified of being singled out. The best way to hide is to be so good no one looks your way. My fear of the school system was because of an incident when I was in the second grade. I had gone back to school with a cast from my hip to my toes and a school nurse, that had gotten a glimpse of me, decided that I was not 'up' to the task of public schooling. She appealed to the school board and my parents were notified that I was being evicted from all of the counties public schools. My grandparents lived in a beach community in another county. That county thought a straight A second grade student would be just fine in their system so I was shipped west to go live with my grandparents. My parents eventually moved to that beach community so I was able to attend that public school system straight through until high school graduation, but the experience of being forced to leave my family left me with a fear lump deep inside my being. No denying! I was different, but if I kept the A's coming and stayed quiet no one would realize I was there. Then life changed!! My mother gave me the chance to be a teenager, a letter arrived in the mailbox, and the boy next door came home on leave from the Marines.

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