Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Saw a Woman!

Yesterday my friend and I went shopping. I can't vouche for him, but I had a lovely time. I enjoyed being around people. I loved looking in shop windows and dreaming about 'what if's'. I enjoyed looking at shoes that I have never been able to wear; feeling envious, having fantasies about what I would have done if I had been able to slip my feet into a pair of spike heels. I enjoyed seeing the latest fashions. I am an avid seamstress and I have always enjoyed adapting the latest fashions to my body type. I enjoyed the yardage stores and the acres of cloth waiting to be made into beautiful clothes. I enjoyed peeking into jewelry stores and remembering how I searched so long and hard to find the perfect marquis diamond to put into the perfect setting and the beautiful amethyst that my son had a jeweler bring to me because he thought it looked just like his mother. I enjoyed going in the bookstore to see the best sellers and dig around for an obscure book few have read. I enjoyed sitting on a bench, drinking a diet soda, watching disgruntled husbands, weary wives, cranky babies, and struting teenagers.

I didn't want to spend money. I just wanted to be a part of the parade, a part of the human element. My friend is an unusual man. He loves to shop. We used to work together. We met when he was going through a difficult separation from his family and I was at peace with my life. We fit eachother then and we fit eachother when we go shopping. We have a friendship that has lasted over twenty years. It was grand fun being with him for the day.

He had purhased some clumsy items and although I could carry them for him, if he pushed the wheelchair, I couldn't see anything ahead of me. We decided that he would take the bags to the car. I sat close to the glass entrance to the store and watched him as he traipsed across the hot parking lot. A woman came into my line of sight.

I watched her, fascinated. She was about 30 pounds overweight, but her body flowed and curved as if carved by a loving God. She had curly hair that fell to her shoulders. There was a slight breeze and every once in awhile a curl would float into the air as if it was a feather. She had on white slacks and a loose summer blouse in a vibrant tangerine hue. Her face wasn't beautiful, but it was perfect for her. I watched her walk and I thought, "What is it? What is it about this woman. This woman that is so unaware of the impact she creates." Then it came to me. She was the sexiest woman that I had ever seen. But certainly not sexy in the usual sense of the word. She didn't work to be sexy. There wasn't the blatent display that women that are 'trying' to be sexy engage in, there was no self awareness in the way that she walked, and obviously she wasn't a part of the current 'the thinner the better' look that has saturated our society.

She was woman; what she had been created to be. Has anything been created that is more perfect for what it is intended than a woman's body? It has curves, flowing lines, soft valleys, and breath taking rises. It was made for nuturing the young, loving the adult, and caring for the old. I saw all those in her as she walked down the sidewalk. She made me want to tell men everywhere that they were fortunate to have 'woman' for a mate.

I'm not attracted to women as sexual partners, but after watching her I felt that I had been given a sense of what men feel when they see a woman across a room and feel they have seen a bit of God's perfect plan.

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