Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blonde Dilemma

My grandson asked if I would drive him somewhere. That doesn't happen very often anymore; he's entered the age where it's just not cool to be seen with one's grandmother. We were in the car alone. It seemed like a treat to be able to talk to him without his sister yipping and yapping 45 mph. We have always been close, but being 14 doesn't include great gobs of 'gab with grandmother' time.

We started talking about girls. He's young yet, but he seems to be attaining his father's mystery appeal to the opposite sex. His father is not as handsome as he promises to be, but his father has a smell, a look, or an unseen magnet of some sort that attracts women. No matter what their age or appearance women find a way to slip him their phone number. It has been a great source of delight that father and son can't go out together without women popping out of nowhere to get the father's attention. Now it has started happening to the son.

I asked him if it made him happy to have his father's secret something. He answered, "Yeah! I'm a girl magnet, but it can be a real pain sometimes."

"What type of girl are you attracted to?" I asked.

"Asian women! They are so beautiful, and their hair is so black it is almost purple. I love that!" was his instant reply.

"But Brendan the women in our family are all blondes. I thought that you would just naturally be attracted to blondes," I teased.

"Grandma, blondes are generally ditzy. Look at my sister. She gets straight A's in school, but she can't walk across the street without a map."

Secretly, I had to agree with him about his sister. But his grandmother is a blonde too. Is it fair to judge all blondes by one's sister? Seems totally unfair to me.

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